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disneysales's Journal

Disney Sales
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An online selling community for all things Disney

This is a selling community of all things Disney. Please keep things Disney related at all times! You may post your eBay listings, etsy, or other selling advertisements for Disney products here. Selling communities are welcome as well!

This journal is not affiliated in any way with The Walt Disney Company. It's our way to share information about new sales/upcoming events, trade Disney items or sell them to people who may be able to give the item a little more love than we have!

Think of it as online garage sale-ing =)

:: RULES ::

- This community is in no way responsible for bad transactions. Keep all disputes with you and the other person. Unless you're trying to warn the group of a potential scammer.
- Please don't post huge pictures.
- Please don't post every day.
- Keep the language clean.
- Have fun!

Happy shopping! :D


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