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(Emergency Moving Sale) [18 Jun 2016|11:49pm]

Still having money problems (and the job that cut my hours let me go entirely) so I decied to part with some of my Disney keepsake oraments, they are all brand new never used in the box I am selling
Mickey's Gumball Machine
Tiana's Party Dress
Fierce with a frying pan (Rapunzel)
Peeking Pixie (Tinkerbell)
Brave Little Taylor (Mickey)
Stylized rapuznel
Other disney stuff
Kcare Christmas talking Minnie Plush
Mcdonalds Ariel figure
Here is my ebay page and feedback
If you are interested but want I better picture of the item just ask, I don't know why ebay is messing up my pictures.
If no one buys these like my other items I will be forced to donate them so please make me a offer ASAP!
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Emergency Sales! [11 Jan 2016|06:57am]

Hi I have bills to pay so I am going to be selling some disney things such as the rare playmates alice toddler doll, a rare ariel baby doll, rare vanellope plush and another rare ariel plush doll. Please help me if you can! If you are interested just tell me what you want and i will give you pictures. I am also selling palace pets blind bag figures, I have treasure (Ariel's cat) Daisy (Rapunzel's dog) and Pumpkin (Cinderella's dog) I am also open to trading for ones I don't have also.
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Off to school so all sales items must go!!!!!!!! [11 Mar 2015|07:15pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hi guys!

Well its official! I just got accepted to an art college in L.A and I'll be going in the fall which means everything for sale MUST GO!!

This year you guys have the option to give me an best offer on all of the dolls, toys, figures, books and items all listed FOR SALE! I will be posting new group pictured of items for sale! they all need to be gone by July! I will be also selling things at local conventions, garage sales and other sidewalk sales. If you see something you want get it now! chances are it will disappear soon. I will not hold anything so everything listed for sale is up for grabs!

I also will add freebees and give discounts on group lots!!

Don't be afraid to ask :D and thank you all for your business and support :D

I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 photo 15651882434_a6275f47a8_zpstrw0v8od.jpg

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Disney items from Japan [13 Jan 2015|08:35pm]

Hi. I am selling some Disney princess items I got in Japan.
Here is a little preview

And a link to my journal with images and prices!
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[20 Mar 2014|09:13pm]

~~Special deal this week buy 2 items get the third 10% off!! All items including plushies, buttons, vhs, books, posters and more are on sale!! they all MUST GO!! I cant add any more new items until all of these items are sold!
Here is a pic of all the dolls up for sale:

(the only new dolls I added today that only appears in this pic was fairy godmother, kayley from quest for Camelot, maximus, Megara,Flynn, Rapunzel)

If you have any questions please let me know! I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, if you are interested but dont like the price just message me and we can work something out :

for more items please check my sales: http://chibi-5.livejournal.com/1363.html
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Selling - Designer Villains & Limited Edition Merida [16 Feb 2014|04:52pm]

I still have a couple of Designer Villians dolls left for sale (Maleficent and Queen of Hearts):

Also considering selling my limited edition Merida - please PM if you'd like further photos/information, or want to make an offer.
Thanks for reading!
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[02 Nov 2013|04:39pm]

hey guys!
I just added tons of new dolls, books and collectables!
Feel free to message me or comment, best offers are considered!

for more items check out my journal: http://chibi-5.livejournal.com/1363.html
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Updated Doll Sales [15 Dec 2013|03:53pm]

Updated doll sales - including Disney Limited Edition
Trying to sell as much as possible before Christmas, so offers are welcome! Free gifts for multiple purchases!

Shipping from the UK
Prices in GBP, shipping not included in the price.
Feedback: http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=madame-rei&ftab=AllFeedback

Sales: https://www.facebook.com/rachel.heneghan.39/media_set?set=a.207471219401903.1073741832.100004170792161&type=1
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ADDED TONS OF NEW ITEMS!! [28 Apr 2013|08:09pm]


Hey guys!

well its that time again! going threw my storage and selling all of my spare disney, toys and other dolls and collectables! If you see anything that you like please feel free to message me!! If your interested in something and would like to trade or give me an offer feel free to ^-^


 photo DSCN8075_zpscf0ee466.jpg^-^

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disney, anime and many other items for sale!!!!!! [12 Oct 2012|08:17pm]

Hi all

well as many of you know Ive been going threw my collection and slimming down some of my spare items. and today Ive added even more items today and this time I figured I would post photos on this post of disney items ^-^ if any of you guys interested in any items please feel free to let me know :D


for more items please visit my sales journal :D
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[02 Sep 2012|06:00pm]

Hi guys!!
Still have tons of items including, rapunzel's tower, maximus, Thumbelina doll, dolls, disney items, sailor moon items, anime dvds, anime VHS, cels, buttons, stickers, books and much much moreeeeeeeeee!!!!!! check out my journal!!! I will be adding more soon. dont be afraid to give me offers ^-^


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Selling Lilo and Stitch adorable plush headboard [10 Jul 2012|04:06pm]

I've decided to sell my Stitch plush headboard. This was a very expensive, exclusive item from the DisneyStore.com catalog (back when they actually sold cool merchandise). He is still in excellent condition but needs a new home. The full ebay listing (with lots of pictures) can be found here, and I've included 2 teaser pictures here. I haven't seen this for sale anywhere else, so grab it while you can!

stitch headboard
stitch headboard close
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[20 May 2012|02:08pm]

Hi all!!

Long time no post!!I A
dded TONS of new items to the sales post including new Sailor moon items, Tenchi Muyo items, Shojo Beats, anime dvd and vhs, Barbie dolls, Disney dolls, porcelain dolls, precious moments dolls, doll items, plush dolls, Disney Rapunzel's 3ft tower, rotating sushi bar(great for re-ment) and LOTS MORE!!!

Please check my journal for pics prices and more info. Oh and if you have any little mermaid items from japan please let me know, I might be interested

Thankies ^-^


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[15 Feb 2012|06:54pm]


Plushes, patches, movies and more!

stuff2sell -- stuff2sell -- stuff2sell
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Little Mermaid Collector Cards [05 Aug 2011|01:09pm]

Hello :)

I have a set of 1991 Pro Set Little Mermaid cards that need a new home.

The set includes:
☆ 90 Full Color Trading Cards
☆ 15 Double-sided color-able cards
☆ 15 "Stand-Up" cards

I also have what appears to be either stickers or fake tattoos. There are 7 total.

Condition is good. Cards have been kept in plastic sleeves in a 3 ring binder.
Pictures of everything listed are available upon request :)

I am not asking any specific price. If you are interested, please make me an offer.

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[03 Mar 2011|04:32pm]

stuff2sell -- stuff2sell -- stuff2sell

Disney-specific items here: http://stuff2sell.livejournal.com/25358.html#cutid1
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Less Than One Hour Left! Snow White Evil Queen Poster! [22 Jan 2011|04:32pm]

Spellbound PosterCollapse )
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[23 Nov 2010|09:56pm]

Recently updated with 15+ new items!
New temporary winter/holiday/"giftable" section!
Check out the greats deals to be had~!

Click the link below for all my great Disney merchandise!
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[02 Oct 2010|10:36am]



156499_1236201985902_395_300-1.gif picture by chibi-5


chibi_5 here and Im back!!!!!! I HAVE TONS OF STUFF THAT NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

shojo beats
soap dishes
AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

includes: Disney, Tim Burton, south Park, Little mermaid, Beauty and the beast, Sailor moon, tenchi, Pokemon, lain, mermaid's forest, angel sanctuary and much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please Visit My journal for more details! Thank You

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something for offer [16 Aug 2010|09:17pm]

hello, im AllieKat ^^ my feedback post and my sales post (has a bolt plushie for sale there) are both new posts in my journals, so feel free to browse.

first of all, i have the Mickey mouse sorcerers hat up for offer, i can give a picture to you after you make an offer ^^

I dont live far from a disney store so ill probably start getting some stuff from there.

also, in two days ill be posting some pictures of items at a store i frequent that sell some very old disney merchandice. ill be taking offers on them and pick them up after recieving payments (ill have them on hold by the store owner)
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